engaged and inspired

for social and economic impact

Driving social value and economic impact together


Engaging, involving and inspiring Communities

Whether as individuals, businesses or partnerships, we help engage the people you need to reach.
We connect! We motivate! We inspire!
We give people the tools so that they can feel involved, connected and part of something that delivers real impact.

Digital and Traditional

Your Place Your Space combines digital with traditional to create environments that engage and inspire people to work individually or with others in the delivery of social value, economic impact and growth.

Collaborate with real purpose

Finding people with shared passion is one thing!
Keeping people on board and focused requires a space where people can come together, work together and derive satisfaction for what they achieve.
Let us show you how we build real belonging.

A reach outside those who are already engaged

Much of our work is aimed at driving interest and passion outside of those who are already engaged, connected and involved.
Let us show you how your engagement and campaign can reach and involve even more people.

Social Value

Given the clear and strong correlation between social value and economic impact, much of our work is aimed at building effective and productive partnerships between community, business and local government.

Impact and outcomes

Let us put in place the tools for measuring the results of your work with community and your collective actions.
Is it economic, social or measured by a change in attitudes and behaviour? Let’s together find out!


Jonathan Bostock
Your Place Your Space

T: 0121 410 5520


Our offer


Your Place Your Space community engagement

Use a YourPlaceYourSpace engagement platform and engage your customers, service users or community in decision making.

Social media for social good

The time is now for a digital channel dedicated to people with passion who together can create social and economic impact.

Research & Insight

Collect evidence, run surveys, manage a discussion or host a focus group.
Support your decisions with fresh insight.


Use a Your Place Your Space consultation portal and engage your customers, service users or communities about issues that really matter.
Select from a variety of tried and tested consultation methods.

Rewards & gamification

The team at Your Place Your Space will demonstrate the various ways in which gamification can be employed as an effective way of increasing the level of participation in engagement.
Passion Points has now become a widely used method of recognising contribution.

Community Workspace

Community Workspace is your own dedicated space for all things project related.
Here you can store documents, photos, videos and web links, You can open up discussion and chat with others, run your surveys and analyse results.

Community Passport

Community Passport is a personal space which engaged users can make their own.
With a passport, users can choose to get involved with their passion and participate in many different ways.
Users can view regular content and posts; sort and save this content by type or by passion; they can collect points for giving their views through polls and surveys, attend events or even join a discussion.

Digital Mapping

Let us show you how you can use digital maps to engage and involve the community in their place and space.
Let us even show you how virtual reality and drones could be used to further your reach.

Our coverage


Places, people and passions

Your Place Your Space is all about engaging people in the things that matter to individuals, families and community.
It’s not just about consulting people! It’s about involving them and ensuring they are given the tools to make a difference, make an impact and influence the future.
Take a look at one of our communities at:

The built environment

Create and build online environments that connect community with their place and their built environment.
Check out our pioneering initiative at and see just how community is being involved in the mapping and tracking of what’s planned and what’s being built.

Local government

Many of our clients are local government bodies responsible for the efficient delivery of local public services.

Health & Wellbeing

Together we are creating and growing online digital spaces where people can feel safe and secure.
This secure and safe space we will grow as a community where people can connect, share their passions and be inspired by others.
“This community is my medicine”
says Daniel who is Autistic.

Parks and open spaces

Our wonderful parks and open spaces offer so much for so many people. It is essential that together we protect our parks and our open spaces.
GreenSpacesAndUs is one of many of our digital initiatives that puts greater ownership in the hands of people who together can make a huge collectively difference to the health and wellbeing of their local community.
Take our demonstration platform at:
“Over 7,500 people recently engaged in a massive review of parks and open spaces across a Borough of London”
- one of the most successful reviews ever conducted into parks

Green action

Together we can take your green action and your initiatives to tackle climate change to new heights.
With so many people demanding action over climate change, a new digital space has launched ahead of a national roll-out.

Culture and creativity

Often considered to be at the heart of community is culture and creativity.
Let’s show you how we can bring people together in a shared sense of pride for what community is and what community offers.
Architecture; art; built environment; business; creativity; construction; culture; health & wellbeing; history & heritage; sport & leisure; travel & tourism.

In fact .... more than 20 passions covered and promoted by us